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Gold Loan Sanjauli

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    What is Gold Loan Sanjauli?

    Gold has traditionally been among the most liquid assets and is an accepted universal currency. In any country, gold is accepted as a medium of exchange. If you in need of money, an don€™t want to sell your jewelry as well, you can take the loan against your gold as per the weight and purity of the gold.


    Interest rate Sanjauli

    Gold loan is very affordable and easily payable. The interest rate is 10.7% per annum and 1% per month. If at any time during the loan, you think you can repay the loan amount, you can. The financial institution will charge only 0-2% of the total loan amount as pre-closure of the loan.


    Eligibility to Apply Gold Loan Sanjauli

    If you want to qualify for the gold loan, you need to get training in the following categories-

    First of all, your minimum age should be 18 years old.

     You should be an Indian citizen.

    Furthermore, if you are applying for a gold loan, you should at least have 10 grams of gold. As a result, the minimum amount of loan is Rs.18000 to Rs.20000.

    Also, if you are a senior citizen, you should be at the age of 70 years at the maturity of the loan.

    The purity of gold should lie between 18 karats to 20 karats.


    Advantages of gold loan

    Even if you don€™t have any fixed income, you will get a loan. You don€™t need to show any salary proof or income proof; you can get the loan if you have gold.

    You don€™t need to show your credit history or any proof.

    Very few documents are required to get the loan done. Thus, getting a gold loan is easy and hassle-free.

    Most noteworthy, The interest rate will be very low, as compared to a personal loan.

    You can even get an agricultural gold loan at a very nominal rate of interest.

    Gold loan is the most simple and convenient form of loan.

    Processing time of the gold loan is less, and you will get your loan amount in few hours.


    Documents Required For Gold Loan Sanjauli

    To get the loan against gold is very simple and convenient; still, there are few documents required for the loan-

    After that, proof of residence is required if you are applying for gold loan. These proofs can include, ADHAAR CARD/ PAN CARD/ electricity bill of last three months with the name of the applicant/ passport copy.

    Proof of identity is mandatory. These can be the voter€™s card/ driving license/ aadhar card/ passport.

    Besides, two colored passport size photo is also required to get the loan.

    Also, proof of ownership of land is necessary if you are applying for agricultural gold loan.

    And, if you stay in a rented house, your rental agreement will be required.


    How to apply for Gold Loan Sanjauli?

    First of all, you need to visit our website,

    After that, you need to fill a form of your necessary details along with your contact number.

    When you have submitted the form successfully, all you need to do is sit back and relax.

    Our relationship manager will soon be in touch with you and guide you with the procedure.

    Once you have decided from where you want to take the loan, all you need to do is take the gold to the bank and get the required amount as per the weight of your gold.

    In less than 45 minutes, your gold loan will be sanctioned.

    By availing gold loan from, you will be getting the best interest rate in the market along with higher loan to value ratio.

    Our services are free; you don€™t need to pay anything extra for the services.


    About Sanjauli

    Sanjauli is a city of Shimla, in the Shimla district of Himachal Pradesh, India.