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How to get SBI festival Personal Loan?

As we all know that personal loan is a type of unsecured loan. You can handle your festival expenses with the help of SBI festival Personal Loan. If you don’t know How to get SBI festival Personal Loan? following are the advantage and features.


How to get SBI festival Personal Loan?


€¢ You will get low interest rate whereas in different banks you may face high interest rate. 

€¢ For loan processing, you just need to pay a very low charge.

€¢ There’s a complete transparency between you and the moneylender. Before the disbursement of loan, a borrower will get the complete information on the loan agreement. The bank would likewise keep you informed at all times loan application status.

€¢ SBI Personal Loan is one of the unsecured loan types, so you won€™t need any guarantor or collateral and the documentation necessity for [Personal Loan apply] from SBI is likewise insignificant.

€¢ If no check-off, the personal guarantee of the spouse (husband/wife) or whatever another individual whose value coordinates the Personal Loan SBI sum is required.

€¢ Insignificant documentation is required and being a loan borrower you€™ll be free from the lengthy documentation procedure.

€¢ There is no pre-installment punishment/penalty in the loan. The client can pre-pay the credit as more noteworthy EMI with no extra charges collected for pre-installment.

€¢ The reimbursement time frame is a year which in which you should pay back the SBI personal loan inside the stipulated term. 

€¢ The SBI Person Loan is completely depends upon your income and your repayment capacity. 


SBI Festival Personal Loan interest rate is 6.65% up to two years MCLR making the rate of interest 15.90% annual. Before applying for a loan, you can check  your eligibility on EMI Calculator. 

€¢ Minimum three years work experience is compulsory for any government or private sector employee. 

€¢ For self-employed individuals, the work experience duration should be of minimum three years

€¢ Those who are applying for a loan should have a net monthly of Rs. 3000 or more than that

€¢  If your wife or husband going to be your guarantor then her/his income will considered while counting the loan sum.

€¢ An individual having a general source of wage from official channels which incorporate pensions or interest certificates from TDRs, NSCs, Government securities, and so forth.