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Three Best Banks Providing Personal Loan

    Three Best Banks Providing Personal Loan

    About Personal Loan

    Personal loans are the unsecured loan that you can use to fulfill your personal needs like wedding,
    education or for buying home. There are so many banking and nonbanking financial organizations that
    provide a personal loan. The process is very simple. First of all, if you are eligible and you have all the
    documents that you can easily get a personal loan within a very short interval of time. You just have to
    submit your documents and you will get a personal loan. Personal Loan is an available online way and
    offline way as well. You can apply in either way. But it is always advised to apply for personal loan
    online. It is always better to compare all the rates of interest before getting Personal Loan. After that go
    for that bank which is providing you more amount with less rate of interest. Let us discuss them one by

    State Bank of India Personal Loan

    State Bank of India is a well reputed financial organization in India. It is a government-owned bank. SBI
    provides a personal loan to salaries as well as nonsalaried (Self-Employed) customers. There are four
    schemes under which bank provide a personal loan to the customers:
    1. SBI Festive Season Loan
    2. SBI Pension Loan
    3. SBI Saral Personal Loan
    4. SBI Xpress Credit Personal Loan


    1. SBI interest Rates start from 11.85% to 15.10%.
    2. Loan Tenure is 48 months.
    3. Pre-closure charges are 3%.
    4. Late Fees is 24% per annum.
    5. Processing Fees – 2 to 3% +GST
    6. The maximum loan amount is 10 Lakhs.
    7. Eligibility is from 21 years to 58 year

    ICICI Bank Personal Loan

    ICICI Bank is also a well-reputed financial organization in India. It has a wide network of banks and
    customers as well. Besides that ICICI Bank is well known for its good customer services. It also provides
    so many financial products to the customers like credit cards, gold loan, personal loan, car loan etc.


    1. Interest rates start from 10.75% to 20%.

    2. The maximum amount of loan can be 25 Lakhs.
    3. Late Fees is 24% Per Annum.
    4. Pre-Closure Charges are 5%.
    5. Age should be from 23-58 years and for self-employed, it is 25 to 65 years.
    6. CIBIL score should be more than 700.

    HDFC Bank Personal Loan

    HDFC Bank is a very renowned bank in India to provide financial services to customers. Bank caters
    its customers with loans too. Personal Loan is the most famous product given by the bank. Personal
    Loans are also known as unsecured loans.


    1. Interest rates stats from 14.75% to 20.70%.
    2. Processing fees are 2.5%.
    3. Late Fees is 24% per annum.
    4. Loan tenure can be up to 60 months.
    5. Age should be from 21 to 60 years for salaried.
    6. And it should be from 23 to 65 for self-employed.
    Get Personal Loan
    You can easily get a personal loan on Dialabank. Your personal loan will be approved within 10 minutes.
    Furthermore, your documents will be picked up from your doorstep. Besides that, you can also call on
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