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Used Car Loan Interest Rates

Car Loan @ 8.10%*

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Everyone aspires to have a car to live a luxurious life. A car has become a necessity, so it doesn€™t matter whether it is new or a used one. The market of second-hand cars is gaining popularity day by day and touching the peak of Everest. The low prices of Used Cars attract people, as they want to maintain their budget. Purchasing a Used Car has become easy with the help of Used Car Loan. We will provide you the best Used Car Loan on affordable Interest Rates with our Doorstep Services.


  • 80-85% funding on the valuation of the car.
  • Loan tenure up to 5-7 years, depends upon the age of the car model
  • Attractive rate of interest
  • No effect of the running EMIs of the seller of the car


  • Flexible repayment options
  • Fast, Reliable and Personalised Service
  • Attractive deals from associated car dealers
  • Insurance cover for Loan Liability available, repayable along with EMI

Convenient and Fast

Get a Used Car Loan with minimum documentation. Loan Disbursement within 72 hours* of document submission.

Used Car Loan Interest Rates

Compare the Used Car Loan Interest Rates across all the Leading Banks and Apply Online. Get the Cheapest Interest Rates for your Used Car Loan.

New Car Loan
Used Car Loan
HDFC Bank 10.40% to 13.00% 14.25% €“ 17.75%
ICICI Bank 10.50% to 12.25% 15.50% to 17.00%
Axis Bank 11% 16.50% €“ 18%
State Bank of India (SBI) 10.75% 17.25%
Bank Of Baroda 10.50% N.A.
Canara Bank 10.45% N.A.
Corporation Bank 10.50% €“ 11.00% N.A.
Kotak Mahindra 11.50% €“ 13.50% 17% €“ 20%
Bank Of India 10.55% 11.70% (Upto 3yrs)
Federal Bank 11.20% €“ 12.20% 15.45%-15.95%